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Fire Ant Control 
Fire ant control for your yard

We all enjoy it when the temperatures start to heat up for the summer. Unfortunately, it's also the fire ants' favorite time of the year as they love the heat. There is nothing worse than enjoying a nice sunny day outside with the kids and friends and hearing someone scream in pain. When fire ants bite they typically do it in large groups and not one at a time. Not only is there the pain, but also the risk of reaction. Some people may only wind up with a little pain and some red whelps, but many have severe allergic reactions that require medication or in some instances emergency medical attention. Grand Slam Pest Control can help you take back your yard. Don’t let fire ants win the battle.

We will treat your yard for fire ants and will guarantee the yard will remain free of fire ant mounds for the summer. Any subsequent mounds that appear will be treated at no additional cost. 

Prices vary based on yard size, call TODAY for your quote!!

Call Us Today!! 832-299-4991

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